The Classic

The Classic model


The Classic CharGriller – has the same Charcoal Grill Box in the top as the Elegance model but doesn’t have a high top lid so when you’re not barbecuing you just slide on the discreet stainless steel top plate and it looks like a piece of modern artwork in your garden, but of course it’s a Clean Burn outdoor wood burning stove.

The Elegance has two rotary air controllers which will allow you to better control the temperature whether you are doing a long slow cook or a fast chargrill.

The Classic

Key Features
  • Compact size – 475mm wide x 400mm deep x 900mm high to cooking surface
  • Large CharGrilling cooking area 405mm x 330mm – Cook for 6 to 8 people
  • Stainless Steel flat Top Plate- easy lift off
  • Stainless Steel 4mm thick grilling plate that is easily removable and dishwasher safe
  • Easy lift out Steel Charcoal Grilling Box with full Air Controls for efficient and easy cooking
  • Unique 4 ways air inlet to the charcoal cooking area giving super fast heating up times allow Air to circulate all
    around the chargrilling box and underneath the charcoal
  • Easy clip-on Stainless steel side shelves (Qty x2) which are fully removable (sides)
  • Full heat control for cooking with air management controls
  • Towel Rail at the rear for hanging your cooking utensils and moving the stove
  • Rear wheels for move-ability
  • Stainless Steel flue pipe – which is easily removable for storage 1.0 metre long
  • Cook from the front or the side position
  • Full 3 way Air management for a Clean Burn stove, with an air wash system to keep the door glass clear & clean
  • Primary Air & Tertiary Air to ensure high efficiency for maximum heat output from the wood being burnt
  • Fully coated with anti-corrosion coating to help prevent discolouration and rust
  • Fully British Made – with 3 year Warranty (conditions apply)
An Amazing Cooking Experience
  • CHAR-GRILLING – traditional BBQ grilling over the hot glowing embers of the charcoals for that BBQ char grilled finish for steaks, ribs, chicken breasts, lamb cutlets, kebabs, burgers, sausages & vegetables, the Grill Plate allows you to sear that wide
    diamond grid finish into your food showing everyone that you’re a true grill master with stripes.

  • DELICATE GRILLING – using the Griddle Plate for an indirect delicate heat for cooking and locking in the flavours for
    seafoods, fish and tender fillet steaks

  • ROASTING – Slow cooking a large joint of meat on the indirect heat of the Griddle Plate

  • SMOKING – Boost the flavour of the food and infuse that smoky flavour and taste into your Ribs and glazes with hickory
    wood chips using the indirect heat of the Griddle Plate

  • BAKING – Real Baked Potatoes full of that outdoor BBQ moist flavour using indirect heat on the Griddle Plate

  • FAST WOK COOKING – High temperature fast cooking using Asian fusion in the Wok to bring a twist to the Al Fresco
    experience, using the Griddle Plate with the round Wok infill plate removed

Different Cooking Styles
  • CHAR GRILLING – Cooking on the stainless steel grill plate will disperse an even spread of heat from the charcoal fuel which is placed in the lift out charcoal grill box to give an excellent cooking result and the Grill Master stripes. The grill plate is solid stainless steel (grade 304) and can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning if required.

  • FAST WOK COOKING – GOING ORIENTAL – The griddle plate has a lift out round infill centre hole allowing you to place a Wok directly over the charcoals for super hot fast Wok cooking.

  • SOLID GRIDDLE PLATES – The griddle plate is a solid mild steel plate, once placed on the top of the charcoal grill box it will quickly warm up to a cooking temperature and typically would be used for cooking vegetables, seafood and fish. If you were doing a larger piece of meat on a slow roast we would
    recommend using the griddle plates.

  • PIZZA & BREADS – When cooking pizzas and breads we recommend putting the pizza stone on top of the solid griddle plates if the charcoal is on maximum burn.

Our Technology
  • Our range of outdoor Chargriller BBQ & Pizzeria stoves has been designed to optimise the burning conditions in the outdoor wood burners and achieve an Eco-Clean Burn by getting the maximum heat and efficiency out of the fuel you are burning and ensure the minimum amount of smoke and particle matter is emitted into the environment

  • 3 Way Air Management is key to gaining the optimum efficient burn in the stove chamber. To achieve this we need a precise supply and flow of air (oxygen) into the stove chamber to create and maintain the correct burn temperature to ensure all of the heat energy is extracted from the wood being burnt.

  • 1. Primary Air: supplied to the bottom of the firebox so when lighting and burning wood it can be used as a ‘boost’ function for starting the fire, or when you have added fresh logs to the fire especially if they are a little damp. The controller for this is at the front of stove.

  • 2. Secondary Air: known as the air wash, this preheated air flows down the inside surface of the flat door glass, feeding the fire and helping to keep the glass clean. Once the stove is hot you control the burn rate by adjusting this secondary air controller at the front of the stove.

  • 3. Tertiary Air: preheated air enters higher up at the back of the stove chamber through a series of holes in the fireboard. When the fire is hot, this air helps burn off all of the unused gases from the fuel. You will see the Eco-Clean Burn working as small flames spiral and dance out of these holes as the unburnt gases fully combust. This function is automatically controlled with the secondary air controller at the front of the stove.

  • CONTROLLING THE WOOD BURNER is extremely easy by using the 2 Air controllers at the front of the stove, just below the door.

    The Bottom Knob controls the Primary Air and the Top Knob controls the Secondary Air & Tertiary Air

Griddle plate with round infill

Griddle solid plate

Fast wok cooking